School districts, professional organizations, corporations and others who are passionate about the character, leadership, and career readiness of girls and young women, agree that there is no one like Kelly Fair. She has a 10-year, 3000-girl track record of bringing out the innate greatness of girls, whether they are “high risk,”  a “high achiever” or somewhere in the middle. She is also a  straightforward communicator that you can trust to share actionable insights and deliver desired results. Thus, she is in-demand as a Consultant.

Kelly has developed the proprietary IVMP model, based on the purposeful and dynamic approach she executes to help girls and young women reach their highest potential…in essence, building girl-to-woman success. Applying IVMP (Instruction, Visualization, Mentoring, Partnerships) to her clients’ challenges and opportunities allows her develop customized, girl-centered programming with measurable outcomes.